Hi, I'm Fei

Not a unicorn, ninja, or rockstar.
Just a UX designer who learns from users.

UX Design Projects 2016-2018

Articles about UX Research and Design

About Fei Ren

  • Name: Fei Ren
  • Title: UX Designer
  • Experience: 2 Years +
  • Email: renfei1992@gmail.com

Hi, my name is Fei. I'm a UX designer and user researcher.

I'm a user-centered design practitioner. Research and design are the main parts of the work I do. For research, I help you learn about your users and products. I help you learn before shipping and after shipping. For design, I help you turn ideas into user-friendly products and services.
The greatest of asset of me is knowing what effort has to be made to solve problems. UX design is not a checklist or a fixed process. Answering a question is easy; asking the right question is hard.

User Research
Interaction Design
UI Design
Front-end Dev

"The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision"

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