Hi, I'm Fei

I'm a user experience researcher and designer.

Personas, jobs to be done, user needs = goals + pain points

How to capture unmet user needs using the personas and jobs-to-be-done framework.


What my color-blindness taught me about design

A story regarding myself growing as a color-blind designer and color accessibility in design.


Service Recovery in Long-term Oriented Cultures

Handling service failures in different cultures based on quantitative research.


Wrong Questions to Ask in Your Exploratory User Interviews

Sometimes we ask wrong questions and set unrealistic goals for interview results…


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  • Name: Fei Ren
  • Title: UX Designer
  • Experience: 2 Years +
  • Email: renfei1992@gmail.com

Hi, my name is Fei. I'm a UX designer and user researcher.

I'm a user-centered design practitioner. Research and design are the main parts of the work I do. For research, I help you learn about your users and products. I help you learn before shipping and after shipping. For design, I help you turn ideas into user-friendly products and services.
The greatest of asset of me is knowing what effort has to be made to solve problems. UX design is not a checklist or a fixed process. Answering a question is easy; asking the right question is hard.

User Research
Interaction Design
UI Design
Front-end Dev

"The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision"